Adventures of Quess and Barry (Tamagotchi Pix)


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May 17, 2021
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Indianapolis, USA
So, yesterday, I got an exciting package in the mail. It's my very first Tamagotchi Pix! I don't see people talking about these much... maybe they're too new and not many people have played them yet? Especially since most collectors seem interested in the classic toys. Or maybe it's because they're not an original Japanese release and this is the Natsume-Harvest-Moon of Tamagotchis lol. I kinda went into it not knowing if it was going to be good or bad, whereas with stuff like my Angels I ordered I'm expecting them to be very fun even though I've never played with one.

Anyway, I made a 4GB video unboxing and starting play with this. I don't know if I'm allowed to post it here as it might count as advertising my YouTube channel, so for now we will skip that part ^^

When you first boot up your Tamagotchi Pix you have to input a name. Hoo boy was that difficult. These little touch buttons (how I so wish for regular buttons now...) are really fickle and sensitive. I press B but it thinks I press A or C. Stuff like that. Sometimes I swear I just get my finger close without pressing and it somehow presses the buttons hahaha.

I was watching football before the Pix came in the mail, and I saw the name "Quessenberry" on the back of a jersey of a Titans player, and was like "That's totally what I'm naming my new Tama." So when it came and asked me for a nickname, I typed QUESS after a LONG LONG struggle with the buttons and clunky text entry system. There was enough space to fit QUESSENB but Quess seemed like a good nickname.


So then you answer some questions. The first is what is your favorite food (it just gave a bunch of sweets as answers which I don't really like, so I picked chocolate cake), and then what is your favorite "tool," which included a weird plant sprout, a cloud, a violin, and a bicycle. I kinda liked all of them, but I picked the weird plant sprout because it was cute and had a face. Later upon playing I learned this was a "science experiment" so that's cool. Then you pick your favorite color, and you can only pick from pink, blue, green, and purple. Very sad as my favorite colors are brown and yellow. But pink is a close third so I picked pink.


I got this Yoshi-looking egg. While I waited for it to hatch, I tried reading parts of the instruction manual and learned this was going to be way more complex than I am used to with my classic pets.


It hatched into this little crybaby. It's cute enough I guess, but I prefer the classic designs. Original designs were meant to be quirky and strange rather than cute, and I actually find those cuter than the ones designed to be cute. I mean, I still liked this thing XD I don't know what it's called though... I don't want to look up a list of characters yet so I can be surprised at what kinds of characters I can find. So I will just not know this thing's name.

Anyway, as it cried it would come up to the screen for me and call out "Quess!" That's when I realized the nickname I entered in the beginning was supposed to be MY nickname. So I am now Quess, I guess. So I decided to call this little guy Barry. So now we are Quess and Barry. Sounds like Quessenberry LOL

It cried a lot and you apparently can't play games with the baby, so you just have to feed it cookies to keep its happiness up. And feed it lots of milk. It also pooped like every 5 minutes. I swear it was in the baby stage for like 2 hours, too. It was kind of boring because most of the functions were locked out and you could only feed and clean the poop. I used this time to read more of the manual, but I was very confused most of the time because the information seemed all over the place and I didn't have the ability to try out anything in the game yet.


I managed to catch it when it was about to poop once, and after fiddling with the menu and accidentally pressing C when I swear I was pressing B like 4 times in a row, I actually hit the toilet button before it could go! It shows it dash into this giant duck toilet and take its poop. It was fun. I haven't been able to catch it about to poop again; the game goes into an 'idle mode' with the screen off, and when it poops it lights up for a second and shows you that there's a poop. So I guess you have to be actively staring at the screen doing nothing right at the moment it poops before it goes into idle mode?? As a baby it was hardly doing anything, so that's how I managed to catch it, but...

Anyway, Barry FINALLY evolved after a long time.


Once you hit child, almost everything in the game suddenly opens up. Also your food in your fridge changes into bagels and lollipops. Why you store lollis in the fridge I will never know.

I caught a picture of him upside down, sorry XD He was doing a flip (which had a measly THREE animation frames, basically the sprite rotated 90 degrees each time, ew).

At this point you can do all kinds of stuff. Give him a bath, clean the house, water the garden, go out to various places like park, arcade, etc. ... So much to do. I still haven't explored all the options like the stuff on the second page like using the mobile phone or whatever (I think the option is called Social?)

It was almost 8PM by this time though, so little Barry had to go to bed.

Today, I decided to try out the other features in the game like going to the arcade and shopping and stuff. You earn "Gotchi Points" by playing games at the arcade (which also seems to help keep happiness up, which is nice) which you can then spend on food or items, like accessories or toys. You can also remodel your house. I remodeled to the Fancy house for 2000G, then decided to change back to the basic house (since it was free to do) to see if the Fancy design would be free from now on since I'd purchased it before. Nope, gotta pay 2000G again for that. Decided not to bother since it takes a while to build up 2000 Gotchi Points. The games give you around 100-200G depending on how well you do (though I've gotten as much as 240G from a good run of the balloon game) and they take a while to play and they get very tedious, so I decided to just save my money.

I tried out cooking, which has you take two photos (they're supposed to be of food, but I was taking pictures of like shoes and notebooks and stuff lol) and it seems the "color" of the photo determines what type of ingredient it is, and different combinations of colors will make different food. It's not always the same, though, as I got three different things from black+red. I'm going to keep experimenting with this, and want to write a compendium of every recipe in the game if I can. I did make some fun stuff, though, like Black Burger (hamburger with black buns), traditional Ramen Noodles, and a pouch of Homemade Cookies, among other things.

I tried out the exploration option, which has the camera turn on and then your Tama plays with another Tama in an "AR" type mode. The camera is really weak and not good with darkness so unless you're playing outside under the bright sun, your pictures are all going to come out near black. My Tama played with a few fun characters like Kuromametchi and Mimitchi (I was happy to see Mimitchi in there... Kuromametchi was the evolution of my first Tama in My Tamagotchi Forever so that was neat too). You can also go to the Park which is the same thing without the AR pretty much. The Tamas at the Park seem to talk when you meet them, too.

I bought a Stationery Set for Barry because it was the Fall-themed item, so I figured it was limited time. I played with it with him and basically it just showed the stationery off to the side and he thought about blocks and math problems over and over until it disappeared. It was cute, though.

So far, the experience has been very cute and mostly enjoyable, though I was expecting a lot more out of a modern Tama. I don't know exactly what I was expecting, though. I think just more intricate animations would have satisfied my expectations. But instead it's pretty limited animation (most things are just a couple frames). However, that's not exactly bad; it kind of gives it the charm of a classic Tama, which also has simple animations.

So far here's my 4 main ups and downs with the device:

+ Very cute and colorful.
+ Backlit screen is very very welcome after turning my classic Tamas every which way to barely see which icon I have highlighted.
+ Lots of things to do with your Tama so you can mess with it out of boredom if you want.
+ Large variety of characters, items, etc. with a notebook compendium, great for completionists like me.

- The thing is freaking huge and clunky looking; I feel embarrassed holding it.
- Camera is very poor quality; would rather have put more effort into the game or make it smaller and just not had a camera.
- Care needs are low so you don't have that sense of taking care of something.
- Farming money seems like it could get very, very tedious.
Barry is doing well today. The batteries ran out ALREADY. After TWO DAYS. I have been playing around with it a lot though, experimenting with food cooking and grinding up money in the arcade. But wow, that is some bad battery life. And these were nice Duracells that I put in there fresh out of the package. Now I'm using some competition brand chargies... if they don't hold up well I'll be changing the batteries on this thing every day. And the back is hard to get off (or I'm just stupid XD) so it's really frustrating to change the batteries.

So far I am really enjoying my Pix. There's not a lot REQUIRED to do with it but plenty to play around with. FOMO keeps telling me I should have gotten an On but then I would have been playing with that and wondering why I didn't get a Pix XD One of the biggest draws to Tamagotchi for me is the defined characters with names. So something like On with the generational mix system wouldn't have been as appealing to me.

Still waiting on Barry to evolve out of green guy state. I got curious and looked for the names of the baby and child forms hoping I could see them without seeing the teens and adults and spoil myself... when I found that there are male and female Tamas in this one! Apparently Barry is a boy Tama. The girl babies are born with shell as pants, while boys wear shell as hats XD

I also got a really good score in the Balloons minigame last night, just got the video uploaded:

I have never seen 270G again since hehehe. I can't believe I happened to get that high of a score while recording; I was just going for 200G.

I'm making a compendium of how I got every food, item, etc. as well as recording videos of all the minigames and toys. Because I can't be satisfied with just playing with the darn thing for some reason.

Also, my Angel came today and was broken. One of the battery contacts was completely snapped off. The seller said it was in working condition so I'm very upset. I don't want to pay for shipping to Japan to return it -_- Also they sent the wrong one, but that wasn't that big of a deal (they were supposed to send the first wave with the original icons, but sent me a second wave with updated icons).
One of the biggest draws to Tamagotchi for me is the defined characters with names. So something like On with the generational mix system wouldn't have been as appealing to me.
It's the same for me, too, but I actually enjoyed the Meets/On more than the Pix, myself. :oo

OK I just made """grape juice""" for Barry


That definitely looks like... something else.
I can almost see the 4Kids Entertainment branding on the label. :tongue:

That is weird, since the Pix was made specifically for the Western market. :huh:
That is weird, since the Pix was made specifically for the Western market. :huh:
Chipping in - that is curious! Though it could be turned into something more complimentary as this cooking mini-game is meant to work (emphasis on those three words) through photographs of actual food if I'm not mistaken? So I guess some kid who's excited to try out this feature hypothetically saw this funky water and decided well mum said I can't drink it, but my tomagachy can!!!!111! and thus, grape juice ensues both the innocence(?) of this young child's life and no complaints from their parents (though that could backfire anyway, which then just leads into the whole issue with censorship as a whole, oh no i'm thinking about this too much).

And then I start questioning the kind of kid that looks upon a bottle of strange labels and decides that feeding it to their tamagotchi is a good idea -- but either way I'm willing to bet it's for immersion's sake and for the obvious reasons of keeping alcohol out of your alien virtual pet. 🍷:oo (tell that to Oyajitchi in the 90's Japanese-only canon lol - drink responsibly, Barry, or you'll cause Tamagotchi Planet to fall into a drunken state and become unsafe for its inhabitants to live on!)

Alternatively, I suspect the Pix's programming might've been developed outside of English-language territory? It's got a lot of assets/sprite-work that bears similarity to previous versions of colour Tamagotchi developed in Japan after all. It's like video games developed/re-skinned but not released in their home regions. (the western-release Super Mario Bros. 2 comes to mind, until it's eventual release in Japan a short time later anyway oops!) A strange comparison, but hey, this is ""grape juice"" in an English-language Tamagotchi model, which honestly, considering how much the Connection line had it's food and items changed to totally-different sprites when crossing over into foreign languages, does bear a comparison on my end anyway. :tongue:

Definitely thinking about this too much? Yeah... really am enjoying the log though, Pod! And yes - harking back to your first post, the text entry on these colour models is absolutely horrendous across most, if not all of them. A part of me weeps knowing nothing has changed... haha... :-(:lol:
Thanks so much for the replies my friends XD Overthinking grape juice is fun though :) If I was a kid playing Pix I would definitely be taking pictures of literally every food ever in my fridge, including mom's special grape juice I wasn't allowed to drink hehehe ;)

I also suspect that the Pix was programmed/designed outside of the English-speaking territory. I can't remember exactly what, but various things have felt that way to me. Which is strange as it's developed specifically for a western audience. But if you play Harvest Moon, you will know that since Natsume took over making the games, they're exclusive to a western audience but are still developed in Japan, despite not even being released in Japanese.

Which makes me remember I had a question: Is the Pix going to be released in Japan or is it going to be western-exclusive? I'd love to see it get a Japanese localization, as I think it's pretty fun and I want it to reach more people. Plus we might get some cool shell designs :) This one seems kinda text-heavy (I mean, as far as Tamas go) so they might have to put a bit of work into it, so that might prevent them from localizing it over there. Was the meets/On full of this much text?

Today I woke up to this:


Barry evolved into one of my favorite characters! I wasn't expecting Ginjirotchi at all, looks nothing like the previous evolutions (though now that I think about it, none of the evolutions looked similar to one another XD) I was a little sad I missed the evolution, but I stayed in bed because my neighbor came to visit and I was avoiding social interaction :p I eventually got up anyway and she told me my pet was beeping at me. Then I opened him up and saw Ginjirotchi crying "Quess!" at me so I had to feed him. I wanted to jump up and down in happiness for getting Ginjirotchi as my adult but I didn't want to look weird in front of the guest XD

I know he looks frowny but his face goes between happy and sad as he walks lol. I just happened to catch it in the sad phase I guess XD


Now he keeps crying in the corner and I can't figure out what's wrong. He has happy bars and his hunger is full; I tried cleaning the house and giving him a bath and he just cries now and then :(

They grow up so fast in this one o_O I'm used to waiting like 6+ days to get to adult on my classic Tamas... here we got an adult in like 3-4 days. Now I need to figure out how to give him a profession before he goes away. The instruction manual makes it sound like the get sent back to Planet Tamagotchi after 4 days?? At first I thought that meant they'd be an adult for 4 days but now I'm worried that it means tomorrow he'll be sent away and I'll have to say goodbye XD that's FAST. But I guess like with My Tamagotchi Forever, you go through them really fast and it's more about collecting lots of different ones. That would be cool if they stayed in an apartment complex and you could visit them like in My Tama Forever, but I know that's not a thing in this one sadly XD

I tried out petting mode. If you haven't played Pix when they get to Adult stage, you can press B button and they will get close to the screen. Then you can swipe to "pet" them and little hearts come out and stuff and they make a happy face. It was so cute. I love my little Ginjirotchi Barry. I'm so sad he'll have to be gone soon. But at the same time, I'm excited to see what will come next.

Adults can wear accessories but I haven't bought any yet. If they're only going to be around for a day it seems silly to buy one. But I guess it would be cute XD The witch hat is of course the most appealing one. I might just buy them all for completion's sake.


And speaking of completion, I'm also working on trying to fill the Notebook. This will definitely add a lot of longevity to the game. I'm also writing down all the recipes that make everything so I can make a compendium of recipes on my website. It's... a lot of work hahaha. And running the camera to cook food means draining the battery faster and faster. So I'm probably going to have to be changing out batteries every 2-3 days T_T

Last night I had a "nightmare" that my Pix glitched out on me and I had to reset it from the beginning. It was making the text entry screen come up (which is a nightmare in its own right hahaha) constantly with 0s and 1s in the background, and sometimes would flash to a creepy smiley face that kinda looked like the old DOS ANSI smiley face (like the hero of ZZT). I replaced the batteries and reset the device and then it started working again and I woke up XD

As I was writing about the dream, this happened:


Barry wanted to play outside, and the call icon even appeared! So first I tried to go to the garden, where some bubbles floated by, and then Barry got into a bubble and floated off the top of the screen then fell down into the center XD It was very cute. Then he still wanted to play outside, so I tried playing Hula Hoop with him, but you play that inside, so it didn't work. I tried flipping through the 'pages' of the house to see if there was another 'outside' area and found that we opened up a kitchen, where Barry wandered around with a pan:


So much cute stuff is happening XD I wonder if more cute things happen when you get to Adult stage??

I tried going to the park, but that didn't work, and finally I tried going to Explore. We met Lovelitchi and the call sign went away. IDK if I just took too long or if going out to Explore alleviated the call hahaha. Lovelitchi suggested getting some accessories, which I was already thinking about earlier in this post, so I guess that's what I'm going to do. So I'm off to play some minigames and buy an accessory :)

I ended up just leaving this page up until I bought the accessories.

The Ping Pong game is really hard!! The best I've gotten is 6, which only gives you a little bit of Gotchi Points :\ Most of the time I don't even get any Gotchi Points and Barry cries X_X I will persevere until I get Excellent :mad:

Football confused me at first, because I thought you had to press the button to pass the ball, then press again to shoot. But he shoots automatically, so you have to time your passes. It's actually quite fun for a minigame. Maybe my favorite (though Rocket is fun too).


I got the Emblem from Sports Day and the Witch's Hat. He wears the emblem on his tummy, very cute. I wonder if the "S" is for "Sports?" XD

Well that's all for now, I'm gonna go try to master the Ping Pong game. Thanks for reading and commenting! I love reading the comments ^^

ETA: Apparently Ginjirotchi hates bagels. Maybe that's why he was crying earlier XD
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Mastered Ping-Pong!

There's actually not any minigames I dislike in this one. Well, as far as Arcade goes. I hate the matching minigame for happiness because it's just luck.

Also I keep accidentally hitting B instead of A (because these buttons are so jank XD) on the main screen, which enters pet mode. And then I don't know how to get out of pet mode other than letting the battery saver timer run out... very annoying.

Now Barry is saying "Let's Cook Something!" It's cool that they have a variety of desires/needs as adults.

Today I swiped to get to the garden but it went to this room first. Barry said "I need help training!" and a minigame started! I didn't know what to do so my first guess was to swipe... luckily that was the answer. I kept swiping and it made the crowd cheer for Barry. Is this his profession training? He's going to be an idol! That's so cute XD

I also swapped over the witch hat just because :)

Does anyone know if there's a pattern to the daily theme (Sports, Leisure, Nature) or if it's just random every day?

I've been logging how much you get for each score in the minigames, just got Sports done for now:

Ping-Pong (Sports)
0 OK 0G
1 OK 0G
2 OK 0G
3 Good 60G
4 Good 60G
5 Good 60G
6 Good 60G
7 Great 140G
8 Great 140G
9 Great 140G
10 Excellent 200G

Football (Sports)
0 OK 0G
1 OK 0G
2 Good 60G
3 Good 60G
4 Great 140G
5 Excellent 200G

Today is Leisure day so I'm going to work on those, and will buy a drum accessory for Barry as well.

I'm a little nervous that today will be my last day with Barry the Ginjirotchi and then we'll move on to Barry II. Even though our time together was short, I will be sad to see Barry go back to his home planet. But at the same time, I'm very eager to hatch a new egg and see what I get. So I guess with the bad comes the good :) Though I'm not looking forward to sitting through the Egg/Baby stage again where you can't do anything at all -_- just feed milk and cookies. No minigames, no exploring, nothing D:

I'm also working on a compendium of everything in the notebook:


Of course that is going to take a LONGGGGGG time...

I've also learned that there are multiple recipes for the same dish. Like either White+White or Black+White can make Nata de Coco.

I've managed to find 5 recipes each for Blue+Blue, Yellow+Yellow, and Black+Black. But 6 for Red+Red! It makes me wonder if there are more for the other combinations. That being said, I've only found 4 for White+White... I'm wondering if they're not even in number after all. Soon I will start checking different color combinations. I'm also curious if the order matters (like Black+Red being different from Red+Black). Contrary to rumor, I'm pretty sure the way you mix them (mix speed, mix direction) does not influence what you get. I think it's just completely random. I have fairly small sample sizes (like doing 10 fast one way, 10 slow same way, 10 fast opposite direction, 10 slow opposite direction, 10 fast both directions, 10 slow both directions) ... but in the end that's 60 trials and no pattern seemed to appear, so I'm guessing it's just random what you get.

Also I think I mentioned this before but my first Angel came in the mail but it not only was the wrong item, it was broken!! :( I don't have the money to return shipment to Japan (after my last shopping spree, buying three tamas and new shoes, I have $3 in my bank account... oops...) and the seller is not returning my messages on ebay -_- So I think I'm just going to have to leave a negative review and say goodbye to my money. I at least have the shell for collection, I guess. I ordered two Angels from two different sellers so hopefully the second one is better. It's supposed to be new/unused, so I'm hopeful. As long as the batteries didn't explode in there or something, we should be good.
Here's the data for the Leisure games:

Coffee Cup (Leisure)
Round lasts for 60 seconds
0 OK 0G
1 OK 0G
2 Good 60G
3 Good 60G
4 Great 140G
5 Excellent 200G

Balloons (Leisure)
Round lasts 60 seconds
10G for pink balloon
20G for blue balloon
10G-60G Good
70G-140G Great
150G+ Excellent

Now that Barry wants to be an idol, he is a total diva. He got hungry and was like "I want to eat out!" Like... we have so much food in the fridge!! Hahaha

ETA: Also I had to replace the batteries again today. That's every 2 days folks.
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Barry and I are good buddies now :)

He still hasn't left today so maybe we do get 4 days together as an adult. More time to train him as an idol I guess XD I will be happy if I get to stay with him as Ginjirotchi for a full 4 days (he'll go through like 3 battery changes LOL). Then I will definitely be eager for a new egg after that. Or maybe he's going to leave when I go back into the other room now D:

So I noticed that different foods fill up the hunger meter different amounts. Bagel fills it by 1, chicken dinner and ham sandwich fill it by 2, but hearty borscht fills it by 3!

I'm going to be watching football tonight so I'm going to spam Coffee Cup minigame to make tons of Gotchi Points while I watch.

And speaking of minigames, I'm making little guides for every game:


Here's Barry going to town with his new heart shades. I actually made them red at first, then was like "aw man I want yellow ones!" so I made yellow ones. It actually replaces your red ones with yellow ones, so I'm guessing of the custom furniture and accessories, you can only have one of each and it's whatever the last color you used is.

I don't know what all colors you can get, it seems like there's room for 4 colors. I have found red, yellow, and blue so far. Took a picture of my Colts pants for the blue B) Maybe I should deck my house and Tama out in blue and white for football season :3 (Also it bugs me that they call it "football" and not "soccer" in this XD Even though I realize that's what it's called most places... but to me football is American football and nothing else!!)

Got my guide done for Fruit Fall today. It actually only lasts 30 seconds so it's pretty good for farming money. But if you pluck a caterpillar, the game ends and you get 0 points even if you already plucked like 5 fruits! Very dangerous caterpillars...

Coffee Cup is still the fastest for farming money though I think. I'll have to time it. If you can finish it in under 30 seconds (which I think you can) it'll definitely be the best Gotchi Points farming game.

I am not really sure as I've only tested it with a few things, but I think that the 'default' food (bagel) refills 1 hunger, restaurant food refills 2, and home-cooked food refills 3. At least I've tested Bagel, Ham Sandwich, Fried Chicken, Borscht, Squid Ink Risotto, and Galbi Sushi.

Oh yeah, speaking of hunger, that's one of the things that made me think this game wasn't made by western developers, but rather made in (most likely) Japan -- the hunger meter is rice balls! That's a very strange thing to represent Tamagotchi hunger in a device made specifically for the English-speaking world. Unless that's been the new norm with the color devices and they wanted to make it match. I only know the classic devices where everything is hearts :p

Barry asked for help training to be an idol again today. So I'm thinking this is the 'professions' thing. And he still hasn't returned to Planet Tamagotchi yet so I'm feeling that I get to spend 4 days with him as adult! Which is great because he's cute and I love him lol. But I am excited to see what I get in my next egg. I know I've said this like 3 or 4 times I think hahahah.

ETA: Just took Barry to the park and no friends showed up and he cried D:

ETA2: Dressed up Barry and the house for football season, blue and white:


The nautical theme was all blue and white. And I made a blue sofa and white bookcase :) Also I love how when they call for you it shows them saying "Quess!" it's too cute TwT
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Overall I am loving my Tamagotchi Pix a lot but I do have a few things I don't like:
  • The touch buttons are really jank, though I've gotten used to them and make errors very infrequently now
  • Batteries die way too fast
  • Fridge items are not sorted by meal/snack
  • There is a limitation to number of things you can have in the fridge with no good way to delete them en masse
  • Most of the characters are the modern Tama style of giant head and eyes with tiny chibi human body, which is NOT the kind of character I like.
  • There's not a lot of care needs. I'm fine with them being easier to take care of but I guess I wanted a bigger variety of needs. They don't get sick anymore, don't misbehave, etc. (Well I know they CAN get sick but it seems next to impossible without forcing it.)
  • Almost all of the device's function is locked out during baby stage.
  • I know this sounds strange, but I kinda liked it when they died lol.
And to not be so negative, here's some of my favorite things about the device:
  • Minigames are a lot of fun
  • The wide variety of foods and stuff is a lot of fun
  • Interactivity with the website. Would have loved an app like the On gets but I'm fine with just downloading QR codes from a little game :p
  • Other classic characters make appearances. I ran into Maskutchi today and was very happy about that :)
  • 1 day for each evolutionary stage and then 4 days as an adult is actually a great time frame to spend with one creature.
  • The Tama calls your name when it needs you
  • In adult stage, they have a variety of desires like "Let's play outside" or "I want to go out to eat today" or whatever.
  • Since they don't die, I actually do think gaining a profession and returning to Planet Tamagotchi to be a professional is a great way to end your Tama's time on Earth.
Cool things I learned today:
  • If you get "last" place (I've gotten 1, 2, 3, and 4, so I'm not sure how many places there are, maybe just 5?) in the Lucky Draw thing, you get NOTHING hahaha. 4th place, surprisingly, gives you a unique food item. I'd rather get that than the bit of Gotchi Points that you can make by playing 1 minigame. But playing Lucky Draw is still exciting anyway :)
  • If you play with camera and stuff a lot in one day (as in like playing nonstop and cooking and going on explorations), your batteries will die in LESS THAN 24 HOURS :) :) :) ;;;;
  • You can swipe to change pages on the notebook screens and stuff!!! This is a GAME CHANGER!! Now if I accidentally click past something on like page 26, I don't have start all over from the beginning pressing one A button at a time XDDD I can just swipe back a page and forward again :D
  • If you hold down the C button during pet mode it cancels it. You have to hold it down for a little bit though, not just press it. Much better than waiting for the screen to time out lol.
  • You can download the prize from the Mission as many times as you want as long as you have room for it in the fridge :)
  • You don't have to swipe during the idol training minigame, just rapidly press. But swiping works as a quick way to press all the buttons :p
And since I spoiled the adult stages by looking at their profiles on (it made me for the mission!!) I have now seen all the adults. Here's my thoughts on them:
  • LOVELITCHI - Despite its name I think it's really ugly. It looks like cotton ball with white tempura come out of its head.
  • HIMETCHI - Not my favorite design but I do like the little crown.
  • NELIATCHI - Vaguely reminds me of Shaymin from Pokemon :) I actually like this one quite a bit
  • CHAMAMETCHI - Kinda plain looking
  • MIMITCHI - Beloved P2 friend. Though one of my least favorite of the P1/P2 crowd, I still love her. I actually always saw it as more masculine but I guess she's a lady tama in this one :)
  • MEMETCHI - I used to hate this thing but I've over time grown to like it. It's just so quirky looking.
  • MOMOTCHI - Ugh.
  • AWAMOKOTCHI - I appreciate that it's not a big-head-tiny-humanoid-body Tama but it looks like a pile of dust XD I don't hate it, just don't love it either.
  • COFFRETCHI - Even though it's the chibi style I complain about, I think this one is sooooo cute and I hope I get it when I get a girl Tama.
  • SEBIRETCHI - Adorable! These weird little alien designs are what I like in Tamagotchi :)
  • NINJANYANTCHI - I don't even like Nyatchi that much and this is like... horribly overdesigned Nyatchi XD
  • VIOLETCHI - Looks ok. Kinda plain and gingerbread-person-shaped.
  • GINJIROTCHI - Precious little baby I love him so much
  • MAMETCHI - One of the classic mascots, gotta love him. Though of all the P1 charas he's probably my least favorite (again, he's not the 'strange alien' that the others are XD)
  • WEEPTCHI - I want to protect it
  • CHARATCHI - That swoop on its head looks like toothpaste
  • KUROMAMETCHI - My first Tama in My Tamagotchi Forever so I kinda like it
  • SIMAGURUTCHI - Super ugly. It's the chibi style and has on ugly pajamas. No thanks. (Even though I do like yellow and pink)
  • KUCHIPATCHI - I mean it's literally in my name I have to love him ^_^ Though don't tell anyone, Kusatchi has kinda become my overall fav Tama.
  • KIKITCHI - Looks more like a Sanrio character than a Tamagotchi
  • PAINTOTCHI - wth?????? It kinda looks like an egg yolk which I like but it's like got paint tubes dumping paint as part of its body...????
  • ORENETCHI - Looks quite feminine but it's a boy, so I kinda like it
  • GOZARUTCHI - OK I have a soft spot for this one.
  • MURACHAKITCHI - That purple patch under its head looks like a goatee and I hate it. Not that I don't like facial hair on my Tamas (Gentleman Kuchipatchi in my icon is LOVE and I love Oyajitchi for example)

Good night, Barry :) He puts his little hat on the ground next to the bed, that's soooo cute!!

Here's all the recipes I was able to find the last couple of days:

BLACK + BLACK=================================== 4
Shish Kebab
Squid Ink Risotto
Galbi Sushi
Homemade Cookies

BLACK + WHITE=================================== 5
Nata de Coco
Vegetable Curry
Pad Thai
Garlic Shrimp

BLACK + RED ==================================== 5
Cream Cake
Black Burger
Coconut Milk
Chocolate Cake

BLACK + BLUE==================================== 5
Grape Juice
Ice Cream Float
Shaved Ice
Cabbage Salad
Matcha Parfait

BLACK + YELLOW ================================= 4
Chicago-Style Pizza
Homemade Cookies
Flower Bread
Garlic Shrimp

WHITE + BLACK ================================== 5
Nata de Coco
Squid Ink Risotto
Rainbow Sponge Cake
Vegetable Curry

WHITE + WHITE ================================== 4
Soft Serve
California Rolls
Nata de Coco

WHITE+RED======================================= 5
Dreamy Cotton Candy
Tom Yum
Rainbow Sponge Cake

WHITE+BLUE====================================== 4
Ice Cream Float
Rainbow Sponge Cake
Dreamy Cotton Candy
Shaved Ice

WHITE+YELLOW==================================== 4
Rainbow Sponge Cake
Dreamy Cotton Candy
Tama Pot Pie

RED + BLACK ==================================== 4
Pizza Toast
Black Burger

RED + WHITE ==================================== 4
Pad Thai
Chicken Wings

RED + RED ====================================== 6
Sponge Cake
Candy Apple
Honey & Rose Tea
Coconut Milk
Berry Smoothie

RED + BLUE ===================================== 4
Berry Smoothie
Cabbage Salad
Grape Juice
Ice Cream Tub

RED + YELLOW =================================== 4
Rice Omelet
Mixed Juice
Ice Cream Cone

BLUE + BLACK =================================== 4
Garlic Shrimp
Cabbage Salad
Grape Juice
Matcha Parfait

BLUE + WHITE =================================== 5
Rainbow Sponge Cake
Ice Cream Float
Ice Cream Tub
Shaved Ice
Dreamy Cotton Candy

BLUE + RED ===================================== 5
Acai Bowl
Grape Juiuce
Berry Smoothie
Fruit Tart

BLUE + BLUE ==================================== 6
Astronaut Food
Grape Juice
Ice Cream Tub
Sea Shake
Shaved Ice

BLUE + YELLOW ================================== 3
Matcha Parfait
Green Thai Curry

YELLOW + BLACK ================================= 0

YELLOW + WHITE ================================= 0

YELLOW + RED =================================== 0

YELLOW + BLUE ================================== 0

YELLOW + YELLOW ================================ 5
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Mixed Juice
Pineapple Jello

Haven't had time to jump into the yellow set yet. Barry went to bed in the middle of testing out Blue + Yellow. I tried to find at least 4 of each before moving on to the next, just to get a good portion in there. Some of them I did more. The order of the colors seems to matter somewhat, possibly. Either the order of colors matters and there are recipes exclusive to each order, or the order of colors changes the chance of finding certain ones, as it seems certain ones are much more common on certain orders. For example, I made tons of Hotdogs on Red+Black, but never a single Hotdog on Black+Red, and I tested Black+Red extensively as it was one of the first I was testing when I was also trying out the different speeds and patterns. Blue+White and White+Blue seem to have the same things; they're the only ones where I didn't find something unique in the swapped version. Very peculiar.

My guess is there are 5-6 recipes for each combination... IDK if some are rarer or what. For now I'm just going to find 4 of each, then go back and try the ones I have the least of to see if I can bump them up to 5. Once I get all to 5 if I still have holes in the notebook (where it seems like recipes would go) I will start going for 6, I guess...

Oh also taking pictures of yellow is hard. If it's too bright of yellow, it counts as white. If it's too golden of yellow, it counts as red. You have to find JUST the perfect shade of yellow X_x and then sometimes if the camera is angled too much it will interpret as red anyway :) Also it's strange that you're supposed to be taking pictures of real food because like... how many blue foods are there in the world?????? Maybe like candies and stuff and blueberries would probably come up as black so like... good luck finding an actual blue food to take a picture of XD

I still need to get the afternoon treats in the notebook as well... Barry always seems to be fully satisfied just after lunch hour, and the afternoon treats go away pretty fast in favor of dinnertime. So I might kinda neglect him in the morning a little so he'll be needy in the afternoon :p

Depending on how long these 4 days really are counted (like if it's 96 waking hours, or 96 hours from when you evolved to Adult, or if it's just literally the 4th day after you hit adult no matter how many hours were left in each day) I might be saying goodbye to Barry tomorrow. But it looks like it will hopefully be Sunday though, unless it's the former method of counting the fourth day, as he evolved on Wednesday morning. My guess is he'll leave when I wake up on Sunday. So Barry and I have another day of cooking dishes (and batteries) tomorrow :) And training to be an idol!

Oh yeah, I looked in the instruction manual and it seems that idol is one of three professions your Tamagotchi can choose to partake in, and they'll become that profession if you play the minigame with them enough. The other ones are a chef and a ... blacksmith kind of thing, and those minigames sound harder than the idol minigame. When I first opened the Tama Room, though, Barry had cooking equipment out and it looked like a kitchen. I wonder what made it change to the idol room...?
Here's Barry going to town with his new heart shades.
Hahaha! I love how he looks so funky strutting his stuff with his big shades, there! :lol:

(Also it bugs me that they call it "football" and not "soccer" in this XD Even though I realize that's what it's called most places... but to me football is American football and nothing else!!)
This made me wonder if they prioritised the UK/EU market for the Pix's localisation, since they completely skipped us for the Tamagotchi On.

Unless that's been the new norm with the color devices and they wanted to make it match.
From what I can tell, the programming for the Pix is somewhat derived from that of the Meets/On, and so are a good chunk of the graphics. It seems more like asset re-use than them trying to make it match, really.

I know this sounds strange, but I kinda liked it when they died lol.
The lack of a complete life-cycle on these virtual pets has been a big gripe of mine since the Connection era - I've never been a fan of the shift from virtual pet to nigh-invincible virtual "friend". :tongue:
The lack of a complete life-cycle on these virtual pets has been a big gripe of mine since the Connection era - I've never been a fan of the shift from virtual pet to nigh-invincible virtual "friend". :tongue:
Yeah, I kinda like the whole life cycle of a pet. I'm glad someone else gets what I mean :D

This morning, Barry was sick D: I left him hungry for too long I think. I forgot to feed him before he went to sleep (all that time cooking but he didn't get to eat any of it XD) so he only had a few hunger points left when he woke up, and I got up kinda late. I'm assuming that's why he got sick. I freaked out when I saw it, I was like "NOOO HE'S DYING I NEED TO CALL THE AMBULANCE" but then just pressed ABC buttons and a medicine kit popped up and he was fine :) so I gave him a shish kebab and we're good now B)

Today Barry was back in the kitchen... no more idol training. I actually got the chef training minigame and it was really hard! I only got a Good rating! It happened again later and I got a Great.

I tried cooking White + White so much today and couldn't get a 5th recipe. I'm starting to think there might not be even numbers of recipes among all the combinations... which means a lot more testing needed... T_T

Today got a new mission :) You have to solve some word jumbles to get a special treat :) The last one took me a minute...

I never thought to save the QR codes until now lol. So I missed out on saving the Halloween Candy QR code. I did scan it, just didn't think to screencap it until now. If anyone happens to have it, please share it with me!
Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day but this morning when I woke up... Barry was saying goodbye!


He ended up becoming an idol after all. Even though his last couple days he spent on cooking practice.


After he returned to Tamagotchi Planet, he looked back through the photo album we made and cried :(

Then he chose a new egg for me and...


Berry was born!

Now I have a brand new Tamapatchi to take care of ^_^ I got the blue one. I'm not sure what the colors do yet as I'm still avoiding spoilers/guides for the most part. I just spoiled myself to the different characters on because I got too curious >_>; I can't wait to see what she evolves into!

ETA: Here's what Berry evolved into:

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Not much to report today; Berry evolved into this lil gal. Very cute. Not exactly what I want out of Tamagotchi but still cute :)

And speaking of cute, I posted in the other thread but I got my Angel today :D It's the pink japanese 2nd wave. It's a Marutchi Angel right now :) I forgot how NEEDY classic tamas are in their "baby" stage. Ghost Jr was nonstop needing food or games. Not sure what I want to name the Angel.

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