Adventures of Quess and Barry (Tamagotchi Pix)


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Haven't posted in a while but just wanted to officially retire this thread :) Gozarutchi became a chef (he had a little plate of sushi by him, so cute) and then I got a new egg, raised it to Weeptchi, and he became a chef too. I took pics but they're lost in my phone as I take a lot of pics so I'm not gonna bother posting them XD Sorry for not posting for two generations! I got a blue egg, and before it hatched I took the batteries out to retire my Pix for a while. Still running the two Pac-Mans and TRYING to get the Morino to adult (keeps dying as a cocoon). Thanks everyone for reading and commenting along the way! It was a really fun adventure with the Pix!!

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when I received an exciting package in the mail - my very first Tamagotchi Pix! It's intriguing that these devices don't seem to be widely discussed; perhaps they're still relatively new, and their player base isn't as extensive yet. It's interesting to note that many collectors often gravitate toward the classic Tamagotchis, which could explain the limited chatter around the Pix. Another potential factor might be that these aren't original Japanese releases, akin to the Natsume-Harvest-Moon of the Tamagotchi world. If you're curious to learn more about this evolving Tamagotchi scene, check out for additional insights and information. It's all a part of the diverse world of virtual pets!
wow, it's a shame the photos were lost, thank you for a fascinating thread

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