Adventures of Quess and Barry (Tamagotchi Pix)


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Today I went to the Park (in the Pix, not IRL park XD) and Ecousatchi trio were there! They said because the date ends in 0 they were cleaning the park, because they want there to be 0 trash. Then Berry helped them pick up litter from the park, and they gave me an Eco Badge! There's just so much random stuff in this device hahaha.

Also I got Valettchi in my Tama List but I can't remember where he came from :( I'm trying to catalogue where I get everything in the game, but I don't know about this one D:

Today, after I explained to him my new Angel was broken, my husband asked me how much I pay for "those things" (tamas). I stretched the truth and said $15-20 (I mean, SOME of them cost that!). He was baffled that they were 'that expensive.' If only he knew how these things could get >_>;;; I guess because to him they are just hunks of plastic he expected they were like a couple dollars XD
Berry evolved this morning while I was sleeping!


She's now Himetchi! I have to say, not my favorite... but I'm growing attached to her already. I do like the little crown, and she is cute. But I've said it a million times I like the quirky alien designs of classic Tama more than these types. But it's not like I hate these ones :) They're still cute.


Like Barry did before her when he evolved, all she wants to do is cry in the corner. I think it's because her happy meter is less than half full, but that's the max before she evolved, so you're kinda stuck with that to start out. I bathed her, cleaned the house, played a little hula hoop, gave her honey toast (which ended up being her favorite!), took her to the park, played some games at the arcade... basically gave her a ton of attention and now she's not crying in the corner. Oh yeah, I gave her the fruit balloons to hold too:


Caught her mid-jump and too lazy to retake the photo XD But it's very cute!


Went over to her Character Room and she turned it into a kitchen! Maybe she'll become a chef this time :) Looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

Her happiness is still barely above half so I'm gonna go spam some arcade games to get it up more. You have to do more of them (I think it's 2 games per happy point) but you get Gotchi Points while doing it so I feel like it's worth it XD

Oh and speaking of Gotchi Points:


I broke 20,000. I may be a little obsessed with this little device hehehe.

Oh I also discovered two new recipes, cabbage roll and burrito :) Fillin' in those notebook pages!

Also in the general tamatalk forum I posted a pic of my Tama Code to become friends, so if anyone is playing with a Pix and wants to try that out, please do!!

Oh I also started playing My Tamagotchi Forever again and got this adorable little baby:


And my Kuromametchi became a DJ :) He just had to eat a bunch of hot dogs to do it XD I for some reason have like 60 broccoli so this little guy is getting a diet of nothing but broc. Though I did give him 2 sushi rolls that I got from daily login bonus XD I have a love/hate relationship with My Tamagotchi Forever so we'll see how long I keep up playing this time XD

Today the character room changed to this gym-looking thing. But Berry did idol training in there...????? Very strange. Maybe she's training to be a bodybuilder exhibitionist XD

That's about all I have for updates today. I think after Berry says goodbye I will start looking at guides to try to get the evolutions and stuff I want. Though I don't think there's much in the way of guides for the Pix.


Also today Futabatchi told me I look great :) I got 10k steps in today thanks to Pikmin Bloom Community Day so I must have been shimmering ^^

Some words of wisdom from Murachakitchi :)

Today I timed how long it takes to accrue a care mistake. I had to leave poor Berry there crying out for me and checking every 5 minutes :( Seems that the attention call cuts off at 15 minutes, so I'm guessing that's where the care mistake hits. Then I tested it again later in the day, and this time she got sick at exactly 15 minutes, so I guess that's a possible outcome if you leave them hungry too long in this one. When I cured the illness, her attention icon went away even though her Hunger meter was still at 0. Poor girl :( I fed her two tacos. I didn't have any Flower Bread (which I found was her favorite) or I would have given her that XD Maybe I should have cooked some especially for her.

Oh yeah, I got a new recipe: Udon Noodles :) Could go for those IRL right now XD
Today was an eventful day in the world of my Tamagotchi Pix! I was in the hospital all day yesterday (everything is OK now!) and so I neglected Berry a little bit.


I woke up today to Berry crying in the corner... and everything was sepia! I immediately got terrified thinking she was dying, but then I didn't see the Grim Gotchi and calmed down. But I was still not sure what was wrong. I thought maybe it was because I let her Happy level fall to 0 that it was showing she was REALLY sad or something. So I was like "OK, gotta play Hula Hoop right away!!"

But when I went to play Hula Hoop, some house-cleaning-looking Tama came in and told me I had to clean up before I could play. then I realized everything was just dirty XD I had forgotten to give Berry her daily bath and clean up the house yesterday. So after taking care of that, everything was OK and I worked on getting her happiness up.


Then she went back to her home planet! She didn't become a professional like Barry did -- probably because I only played 3 training minigames with her the entire time she was an adult. Two of them were the idol minigame in the workout room, and one was the chef minigame.

So she went home and cried over the album (which I made red instead of white this time lol) and chose a new egg for me to take care of...




And thus, Berry 2 was born! I noticed that when the babies go for their nap, they actually sleep in the living room and not the bedroom! Quite interesting!

I decided to look at the Tama wiki to see how to get the different evolutions (thankfully they actually had the information or I would have no idea where else to look XD) and purposely kept an eye on Two's Happy meter to keep it between 4 and 5 bars. They drop fast and it's easy to accidentally raise it up to 6 so I had to be careful. But I managed to do it, and she evolved into Chiroritchi!


I think it's funny how you get money for evolving your Tama. I can't remember how much it was last time when Berry 1 evolved into Woodenspoontchi but I think it was actually 500? So maybe you get less money for evolving into a 'less successful' child form XD IDK, or maybe I'm just misremembering (which could very likely be the case XD)

I'm gonig to try to keep my Happy meter low again to get Soyofuwatchi, since I already had Haretchi before. The evolution chart is not nearly as complex as I thought it would be.

Then I might get an extra care mistake while Two is still a child to see if the care mistakes "carry over" to the teen>adult evolution or not. If they don't, I'll get Neliatchi, and if they do, I'll get Coffretchi. Either way I'm very happy with the outcome as both of those are really cute. And if for some reason I accidentally get even more care mistakes, I can get Memetchi which is good too! Violetchi is the final one I can get which is boring but I don't think I'll make THAT many care mistakes... TBH it's kinda hard to make care mistakes on the Pix, you gotta be REALLY negligent. I'm actually worried I won't have enough time to get in another care mistake before she evolves into a teen. I should have just fed her a bagel instead of filling her up on hotdogs so she'd get hungry again quickly.

Though Chiroritchi's crying face is so sad looking I feel terrible ignoring her XD

Today, Two evolved into this strawberry ice cream with jimmies on it.

Tororitchi is the "bad" teen so I'm going to try to give perfect care from here on out and see if I get Neliatchi or Coffretchi as adult, or if the care mistakes carry over and affect both evolutions, giving me Memetchi or Violetchi instead.

The biggest hurdle is that my Tama wakes up like two hours before me so if I don't fill up its meters just before it goes to bed, I'll end up with at least one care mistake in the morning.

(Unrelated but I just tried to "delete" a piece of dust off my screen with the backspace key. I knew it was dust but somehow thought that would fix it LOL)

I only got like 1 more care mistake and Two evolved into Violetchi. So it sounds like the care mistakes are cumulative. Makes sense, since getting 6 care mistakes on your teen when they're only around for a day or two would be really hard with how infrequent they are.

She has a different cooking room than Barry had -- I am constantly surprised at how much content is in this game. This cooking room looks like a house made out of sweets, and instead of making soup, she makes cakes! I actually managed to get Excellent on the minigame once and we made a cream cake that we got to keep.

Today I didn't feel like playing games with her because I was kinda busy and games take 30-60 seconds each so I fed her like all the snacks I had in the fridge. I learned she doesn't like Mango Pudding. Then after filling her up on sweets, she got a toothache. I wonder if that constitutes a care mistake? It doesn't really matter since she's an adult already I guess...

Today I got a ring on the doorbell in the game and Ichirinshatchi (had to look up that name hahaha) came and gave me a letter saying it was Tamagotchi's anniversary and invited me to with a QR code! I went there and there was nothing particularly special other than a new mission which didn't even say it was anniversary-related lol. But I did the jumble and got Tama Balloons decoration for my house!


(I scribbled out the Tama Code in case Bandai doesn't want me sharing it around :p But that's what the balloons look like; they go on the left side of the house)

I also recently restarted Maynard, my rerelease P1, to see how long I can keep him alive. He's a Tamatchi right now (5 years old) and I have yet to get a care mistake or feed him a candy. Playing the character game really gets on my nerves sometimes, and I'm sure the noise of the game irritates my husband lmao.

I also started up a second account in My Tamagotchi Forever, using BlueStacks 5 on my laptop. So now I'm running two little creatures at once :p I'm mostly doing the second account to keep track of various things in the game like how much things cost and what level they unlock, so I can make a guide site for the game.

Thinking about pulling out my pink Angel (which I decided to name "Boo" like the Super Mario character because it disappears when you press a button) and playing with it despite its problems, but not sure yet. Maybe when Maynard passes on. I'm too scared to try to replace the capacitors. I don't even know where I would get spares. Well, I ordered another Angel and it came with one of the battery contacts ripped out (I got a full refund without even having to send it back! The description said it was in working condition) so I guess I could steal the capacitors from that one and hope they work.

Not much to report today but Maynard evolved into Ginjirotchi! Weird since I got no care mistakes and had his discipline at 100% and never fed a candy... but these rereleases sure are strange.

Happy National Tamagotchi Day everyone! Are you enjoying the anniversary??

ETA: Oh yeah, today Two did idol practice. I wanted her to become a chef XD I think tomorrow she will go home (she is 7 years old and I think they go home at 8) so I wonder if she will have a profession or not...? I've done the cooking minigame 3 times and idol game 1 time.

This morning, Two said goodbye and became a pâtissier!! (I think that's what it's called XD)

I'm not a huge fan of Violetchi so I wasn't terribly sad to see her go, but a little bit... I grow attached to them so easily. But I was also anxious to get on to my next generation.


Generation 4 was this little pink boy. Welcome Barry II!! I'll call him Second for short.


I was careful to keep the happy bars between 4 and 5 (actually I say I was careful, but shortly before evolution I accidentally fed an extra cookie and bumped it up to 6....! But it managed to fall just before he evolved) to get Fuyofuyotchi since I had Puchitomatchi last time.

Looking at the growth chart, it seems like I can get Kuchipatchi with the Charming egg! So I'll be trying for him. Gonna try not to get any care mistakes before Teen stage, then will try to get exactly two care mistakes, giving me leeway to make another one on accident... If I make too many I won't be too sad to get Toothpastetchi or Orenetchi though.... But I'd really like to get Kuchipatchi, of course!!


ETA: Realized I forgot to save the Tama Code for the Tama Balloons so I went back and did the puzzle again today... and got a different item!! I wonder if there was a different item yesterday too?! And I can't scan this one because my Tama is asleep T_T
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So I played a little too much at the arcade this morning and Second evolved into Terukerotchi. A shame as I wanted to try to get Mokokotchi. TBH my favorite of the three teen boys is Kurupoyotchi, but I don't want to rack up all those care mistakes right now.

I did get one while I was asleep this morning; I woke up to a sick Tama with no rice ball icons :( At this rate I might miss out on Kuchipatchi... XD gotta wake up earlier :lol:

Since today is thanksgiving I wanted to cook a bunch with Second but I ended up working on xmas decorations IRL and didn't get around to it.


I also started up my Angel (the broken one whose screen disappears for a moment when you press a button XD) which has been fun, it's a Tamatchi Angel right now. I missed all three of its prayer calls because I was doing a chore during each one... came back to a poop and facepalmed. The hardest thing about it the screen also goes off when something transitions, such as an evolution or, unfortunately, the start of a game. So I have to kinda... press the button and HOPE he jumps over the first star. It's actually possible to see the screen when it goes blank -- it's actually just insanely dim. If you tilt it at an extreme angle and squint you can barely see the screen, but then when it 'comes back' then everything just looks completely black and you can't see again without rotating it back to a normal looking angle... very frustrating. Once I get the first star jumped, I can do the rest because the screen will come back before each next star. The first start just comes right away so the screen doesn't have time to transition back after the game starting transition screen.

I also did a little Black Friday shopping and grabbed me two of the Pac-Man nanos from GameStop online... I got both colors with the special Pac-Man holder things. I thought about getting a Hello Kitty as well but really shouldn't be overspending :p

Well, today I woke up and Barry II was... the little toothpaste monster :( I was really hoping for Kuchipatchi. I don't think I got more than 2 care mistakes (I purposely made one yesterday since I only had 1 that I can remember...)

My only guess is that:

  • Care mistake that results in sickness counts as 2 care mistakes
  • Upon evolving, the Tama becomes full again so I didn't notice a 4th mistake?
Yeahhhh IDK. Charatchi is actually pretty cute, he winks when he is happy. I don't like that he wears a little shirt (I am just not a fan of them being basically chibi humanoid things XD) but I like his toothpaste head/hair/hat/whatever that is, and I like his little winky face.


His pro training is... a cafe? I didn't get to play the minigame so I'm not sure what it's like yet -- I'm guessing it's the other one in the manual where you have to prepare requests for guests. I'm going to pretend it's a maid cafe and he wears a maid uniform XD


Boo evolved into this little derp, Chestnut Angel. I missed every single prayer call so I don't think the evolution is linked to happiness (deed) the way P1/P2 evolution is linked to discipline.

I'm a little confused on how these work, as to get it to evolve to Twin Angels according to the wiki, you need to have "good care" and "+90 AP." But the TP for this is only 80TP max??? It was also 30 max as child and 50 max as teen. So I don't know how to get it more than 80??

Keeping TP up is annoying anyway, as you just spam chocolates and then tap the thing when the devil bat comes. Very tedious as TP drains so fast so each time you play with it you have to spam so many chocolates. Not fun.


Maynard the Ginjirotchi is still going strong, he's at 11 years old now. Still have yet to accrue any care mistakes on him. Angel's hearts go down a lot faster than these classic guys. In the time it takes 1 heart to go down on the P1, the Angel loses like 2-3 hearts!

For black friday shopping, I ordered two Pac-Man nanos (each shell) from GameStop (along with this cute egg plushie that was cheaper to buy to hit the free shipping mark than to pay for shipping XD). For some reason all three shipped in different packages within one hour from another o_O maybe it's just a weird way they notify about the shipments and they'll all come together though. But I think I have 3 tracking numbers...
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Today I learned a thing... if you press C button while your Tama is crying in the corner, instead of doing their normal 'cute thing' like doing a flip or playing hide & seek, they will instead mope around and groan LOL. It was sad but also very cute.


Today Second begged me to give him this giant bow and now he looks like a big goober.


I also wanted to try out the Tama Crown that we got for 25th anniversary :)

I like how his little toothpaste flip goes away to go under the hat, nice attention to detail there by the devs.

Not much else has been happening in Pix land... I think I've discovered most of what there is to do with the game so there's not as much to write about as it's just the same stuff happening over again with a different generation XD

Oh yeah! I went into his character room, and even though he was carrying a coffee carafe and walking around a cafe... it was the cooking minigame! So it looks like our little buddy is studying to be a chef. I still have yet to get whatever the third (craftsman?) professionality is.


In My Tama Forever, I got Smartotchi for the first time. Now, as a Tamagotchi design, I wouldn't say it's my favorite... but as a character design in general it's very very cute! Looks like some mix between a Sanrio and Animal Crossing character, both which are things I love a lot.

Please ignore the poops on the ground, they always evolve after you've been away for a while and starting a new play session, so there's always poops everywhere and they're all dirty and stuff LOL. Luckily it cleans them up to evolve... that would be so annoying if they stayed dirty and your first impression of your new evolution was a muddy mess XD


Here he is getting way too excited about playing Band Practice in his little pianist tux. He's absolutely adorable and I love him. Along with Kikitchi and Coffretchi, I'm starting to like some of the more modern Tama designs. I still vastly prefer the silly alien creatures we raised back in the 90s, but these new designs are certainly growing on me :)

Today, Second's character room changed to the gymnasium one with him doing idol training. The training is so confusing lol. I wonder if you're supposed to like choose when and when not to train them to get a certain profession or something???

Also, Boo evolved into Twin Angels today. That was... surprisingly easy. I still don't understand what "+90 AP" means in the wiki because the max was still 80TP when this happened. And I wasn't even at max when they evolved.

That's about it; not much to report today.

Congrats on the twin angels!

ETA: Realized I forgot to save the Tama Code for the Tama Balloons so I went back and did the puzzle again today... and got a different item!! I wonder if there was a different item yesterday too?! And I can't scan this one because my Tama is asleep T_T

I've got the balloon code saved! I can message it to you if you'd like :)
I still don't understand what "+90 AP" means in the wiki because the max was still 80TP when this happened. And I wasn't even at max when they evolved.
I noticed similar when I ran my Angelgotch for the first time. I don't know where the information on the wiki came from, but it never seems to align with my experiences of the Japanese version of the device...

I was delightfully surprised to find it was snowing outside in my Pix today! Happy December, everyone! I

Barry II doesn't seem nearly as thrilled about it -- he pouted around the whole time he was outside hahaha. We have gardening to do, little guy XD Get used to it XD

I hope we get some winter-themed decorations and stuff through Missions :) I want to decorate my My Tama Forever house in holiday themed stuff but it's kinda expensive XD

Second did idol training again today. I managed to get it in 2 times (IDK how long you have to go between times) and yesterday I accidentally pressed C and cancelled an attempt for chef training T_T

Oh yeah and yesterday I went to the park, walked away to wash some dishes, and heard the noises going off for a VERY long time. When I came back, I saw "Eco Fork" being added to my notebook. No idea what it is; haven't tried to figure it out yet. Let's go see.

It's under "special" in the item box, and when I use it, it sits in the middle of the floor and Second makes some animations like he's eating or something??? And then it goes away. Very strange XD This is my second Eco item, the first Eco Badge, so I must have gotten it since yesterday was the 30th which ends in 0. There's a space between Eco Badge and Eco Fork in the notebook so there's probably another Eco item to collect, as well!

Maynard the P1 rerelease is in his old age now (15+) so his hearts are draining FAST. I wanted to see how long I could keep him alive but I'm starting to get tired of taking care of him hahaha. And I heard the rereleases can live for a LONG time. He drains a heart like every 30 minutes or so it seems. Maybe even faster than that? I'm not paying close attention, but I feel like he's completely depleted every couple hours. Much faster than Boo now.

Boo is still Twin Angels, I kinda wanna see them out to the end, too, then I think I will retire the P1 and Angel and just play with the Pix and my Pac-Mans when they come. Well, one came today but it was the wrong thing -_- It was supposed to be the black one with case but they gave me the yellow one without the case X_X somehow they messed up on both parts... Silly GameStop. I'm going to try to return it at a store tomorrow and hopefully they can order me the right one and have it sent to me... they don't seem to have them in stock at the store, so... Well, they do have one of the black ones without case in stock, so honestly if I get my yellow with case tomorrow and it's convenient enough I'll just have them replace the yellow one with black one and not worry about getting the second case. I don't need two cases really.

I might be getting a little extra spending cash here soon and I'm debating getting the Hello Kitty Nanos or a couple of the Evangelion ones... but I don't know if I'd have as much fun with those as the others. Well, the Hello Kitty should be about as fun as Pac-Man, but I like Pac-Man more than Hello Kitty. If the HK featured other Sanrio characters like Badtz-Maru, though, I would love that. Kinda how the R2 features other Star Wars characters. I like Evangelion but I don't know if I want to raise Angels on a Tama because they are kinda scary. And then it's weird to raise the little chibi kids hahahaha.

I also might get an On; I really want the Magic White one but it's Amazon-exclusive and Amazon doesn't have them in stock. They're going for like $150 T_T I don't know if they're going to come back to Amazon or not or if I'm just out of luck and will have to settle for a purple or something... But IDK if I will even have enough for an On at the moment. Hopefully they come back into stock some time after the holidays. I'll try saving my money for then.

I also want to pre-order the new 25th anniversary P1 rerelease shell that's coming next year. It looks so cool and features the new logo redesign! Ah so many tamas but not enough funds T_T I'll probably just be able to get one or two small ones for now. Honestly I should just save my money but... Tamas... you know how it is XD

Today, Second said goodbye and went back to his home planet. Even though I swear I did more chef training than idol training, he became an idol hahaha. Maybe it goes off whatever you did last. Or maybe I just did the same amount of both and it chose idol because that's what his room was today.


Here he is crying over a picture of when he met Coffretchi by my xmas tree.

And speaking of xmas trees, I decked out my MTF house in holiday gear:

(Just to avoid three giant pictures here, here is a tweet with the pictures xD)


Second chose a new egg and it was another Charming one, this time hatching into Berry 3. The only Charming adult I really like is Sebiretchi so it looks like I'm going to be accruing a bunch of care mistakes to get her. But I feel bad getting care mistakes on the baby so I'm still taking care of it xD She's napping right now. I'm keeping the happiness meter low to try to get Mimitamatchi since I haven't gotten that one yet. Right now Three is napping...

As for care mistakes that got my Charatchi last time, I was thinking maybe giving them a toothache counts as a care mistake. Either that or he called multiple times in the morning before I woke up and I got more than one care mistake at once without realizing it.

Strange, I just pressed the shutter to see how Three was doing, and it played the little intro song as if I had reset the device? My batteries shouldn't be low as I just changed them last night... unless my chargies are not charging properly... but it didn't come up and tell me I had low battery, so...

Every time the startup happens I'm terrified I'm going to accidentally choose to reset all my data lol...

Wow two Barrys and now three Berrys, I can't believe I'm on generation 5 and still loving my Tamagotchi Pix. Has anyone else here played with one this long?


And there we go, Mimitamatchi :)
Wait, what's this, now?! :oo

There's a new P1 shell coming out next year that's Amazon-exclusive, to celebrate 25th anniversary using the new logo!


Looks like this. It's called "Multicolor" shell. I want it for sure!
Here's the Amazon listing for it. For some reason it costs $5 more than the others lol...

Sad update, Maynard's batteries died today. In a way I'm kind of relieved because he was getting really stressful to take care of hahaha. I thought he was just dying because the thing was SCREECHING and that's how death starts, but then I looked at the screen and it was the low battery screen. So I took the batteries out and put him back in his box to sleep for a while. LR44 batteries seem to last longer than CR2032... I checked in on Blaise's (my rerelease P2) batteries and his were dead, too. But yeah, I was going to see how long I could keep him alive... but I guess the best I was able to do with the batteries is 16 years lmao. I mean, this is after months of playing with it, not like the battery died in 16 days XD

Now I just have Boo, who I'm waiting to go back to Tenshitchi Capital or whatever before I retire her... and my two new Pac-Man Nanos for whom I have yet to come up with names. I thought of naming them Clyde and Sue but I'm not sure. I'm taking good care of one and bad care of the other to try to get two different adult evolutions (hoping to get Kuchipatchi on the black one). But I don't want to make it run away or get consumed by the glitch so I have to be careful.


I'm trying to rack up the care mistakes on Berry 3 but this face is so hard to resist D:

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