Valentine's Day Hatch Logs! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡


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Day 10-11: Marrige!

Yay! Something interesting to post about final happened! Woooooo! Cato and Gemma are now 5 yrs old now, so they should be able to get married tomorrow! ^_^


Shika woke up today stinky and dirty, and the same could be said about her house. After cleaning the house, and then taking a bath, she was ready to got to the Date Place! Out of all the men that were there, only one caught her eye: Guriguritchi! After a couple of dates, Shika finally proposed, and they had a baby girl! After planning with her daughter for a little, she put her to sleep. Then, she thanked me for taking care of her all her life, and left the house. I decided to name the girl, Lavender. Lavender woke up, motherless , and thus began the the hour long baby phase. I'll edit this later when she evolves into her toddler phase.

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Hello! I’m putting day 10 & 11 together because things did happen but not enough to have their own post.

Day 10: Takeo went to work with me and evolved into a teen! I guess you could say he’s a diamond in the rough….. *Badum tiss*


And Ayase spent most of the day sleeping because my shift at work changed from 9am - 2pm to 9am to 6pm.

Day 11: Ayase made new friends at the castle! It’s good that she’s reaching out to new people.


And Takeo looks much like his father! I didn’t realize that pompadours run in the family. Lol I’m so proud of him I can’t wait for him to get a job.


I’ll post today’s post later today!

I’ll see you soon!
Hello everyone and it’s currently day 12 of the hatch! (Yes I’m still trying to catch up)

Takeo decided to go out and interview for jobs.


He’s lucky enough to land himself a career at a bank. Do your best Takeo!


Ayase was busy with a robot battle for most of this afternoon. [SIZE=19.2px]But, she was able to overcome her opponent and win.[/SIZE]


After the battle Kuromametchi was nice enough to propose to Ayase and marry her!


And soon a healthy baby boy named Hiro was born into this world.


He has his mom’s red color at birth.


After becoming a toddler he took on his father’s fur color with pink ears!


Soon Hiro left his parents to come live with me.


I’m very curious on how he’ll turn out.


That’s all for now! See you tomorrow!

Hello everyone! It’s day 13 of the hatch!

Nothing happened for Takeo today (that’s why I don’t have any pictures)

And Hiro had an amazing day full of excitement! He started off by evolving into his teen stage.


He decided to go and play in the backyard only to find a cork in the ground?


Removing it made the situation worse as a geyser sprang forth from the ground.


Because we couldn’t get the genie back in the bottle (literally) Hiro had no choice but to hang on.


However, along came others! Who stayed with him throughout the endeavor.


And he finally ended up at akai town!


That's all for today! I'll see you tomorrow!

Hello! Sorry I haven't been logging, I have been busy with school.


Yasuo got married to the lovely Dani, my Kuchipatchi on my v2. They had 2 baby boys! I will name the V3 baby Shin, and the V2 baby Ren. They are a very happy tama family!

Bye for now,
:lol: Tamadonut, Shin, and Ren :lol:


Day 15:More Marrige!

Good Lordy! It has been a LOOOOOONG time since I last posted. Sorry! :( This is probably going to be my last post though. I was going to stop when Lavender got married, but...

It just hard to find time to post anymore. I mean, I have school, choir, pokemon club,(I'm a huge nerd) and a bunch of other stuff. I MIGHT post more, but definatly not tommorrow. I have a choir preformence. Anyways, on with the show! Or... blog or whatever.


I was to lazy to edit my last post about Lavender's toddler evolution LOL. Anyways, after an hour of being a baby, she evolved into Paletchi! :3 The next day, she evolved into her teen form, Sabosabotchi! She was on pause with the others for a couple of days. Then, this morning she evolved into a Perotchi! Finally, a good care character! Anyways, we immediately started collecting her happy symbols. Currently, she has 2, one from wearing the cat ear headband, and the other from eating a fruit sandwich from the bake shop. We also planted some retro toys seeds in hopes of growing her 3rd happy symbol, the kendama.

Okay so about Cato and Gemma, well good news, they didin't die. Yay! But i'm not making 2 sections just for them because just to little happened to them. So, both Cato and Gemma got married! Cato is married to a Ura Memetchi, and has a baby girl. Gemma is married to a Androtchi and also has a baby girl. Cato's daughter will etheir be in the Ura Kuchi group, or the Ura Meme group, I'm not for sure. Gemma's baby will probably be in the Mame group, so yay! That's it!
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