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    Do you have a boy/girlfriend?

    I dooo <33 he's attending university.. he's a little older..but i honestly don't care. I'm madly in love, yes. We talk on the phone up to 3am. He's PERFECT >.< couldn't ask for anyone better :)
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    Advice needed

    ignore them for god's sake.
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    Blogs -

    I only haz a tumblr. i post inappropriate things on there though
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    What do you call cat/humans?

    Neko is japanese for cat :) -FACEPALM-
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    My name is Michelle and some friends have nicknames for me. Ex bf calls me mich, bestie calls me michelleyy and some family members call me michy XD
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    What happened in your neighborhood

    nothing happened. i hate harry potter anyway
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    Things you hate that everyone else likes

    Everyone hates Miley Cyrus, dunno why she's on everyone's list. IMO i loooveee her<3 i don't like twilight or vampire diaries OR ANY of that stupid vampire crap. i prefer those hungry, elegant vampires right how could i forget ke$ha she's trash
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    Just wondering...

    I look 12 when in reality I'm 16. On the internet I act extremely immature but irl i act in the 20's
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    Messages/emails/whatever from famous people.

    I once got a myspace message from Chris Donathon from The Medic Droid. it was about two years ago though XD he wasnt really famous, and i didn't think much of it. until everyne started liking them then id be like, OMG I USED TO TALK TO HIM!
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    MLIA or FML?

    FML. MLIA seems..i derno..nerdy? not to sound mean
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    Last time you took a nap?

    I took a nap on my boyfriend yesterday. I take naps a lot
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    Most interesting costume?

    I saw a Juno and Bleeker. It was adorableee
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    What are you going to be for Halloween?

    L from Death Note. HOHOHOHOH O.o
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    No, but I'm being L from death note on halloween o.O and my friend is being Light HAHAH ITS GONNA BE SOOO FUN we have props and everything already.
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    Hannah MONTANA!

    I love her :ph34r: