tamagotchi Keitai | Meet Gotchi King

Gotchi Daioh
Tired of cleaning up after your Tamagotchi? Let the Gotchi King do it for you (^_^). Just donate him 1000 points and you'll get to see a special egg palace. It's the place of... Gotchi King! It's a very big, but clean pooh, who will clean up the mess that your Tamagotchi makes. Isn't it great? The next steps will tell you how. I have got this information from the Bandai Keitai book and Hoshitama Exblog.
Step 1: Donate 1000 points
Select the little booklet icon at the bottom. Choose the third option, now you'll get to see all your points. Press the B button and choose the first option.

In this screen you can select the amount of points you want to give as a present. Use the A button to select 10-90 points and press the B button to give them. Now your bag of points will fly away to the Gotchi King. Press the B button again and keep repeating to give points untill you've reached 1000 points. Now you'll get confetti! The Gotchi King is waiting for you...
Step 2: Meet the gotchi king

Select the connection icon (on the uper right).
1. Choose the 4th option
2. Choose the first option (post)
3. Choose the first option (password)
4. Use your A button to scroll between the numbers and choose them with the B button. Type the number 66247 84674 and sit back to see what happens (^_^) I'm not going to spoil the fun ;-).