tamagotchi Keitai

Start your Keitai
If you would like to have a look at the Japanese instructions sheet click here.

Before your Tamagotchi is born:
Set the date and time and register your own birthday. When your birthday comes around, your Tamagotchi will congratulate you in its own special way. When your Tamagotchi is born, its gender is set (black for a boy and white for a girl). Give your new-born Tama a name. On Tamasquare you can find a small explanation of the Japanese pronounciation, so you can choose the right name.

As your Tamagotchi grows up:

  • Egg stage: It only takes a few minutes for your egg to hatch.
  • Infant stage: It is very timid but needs a lot of tender, love and care!
  • Rebellious stage: Well, you know how teenagers behave ;-), from this stage you can connect it.
  • Adolescent stage: It becomes able to play alone, take baths of its own accord etc.
  • Breeding stage: It gets married and can give birth to adorable critters.
  • How to take care of your Tama
    When your Tamagotchi starts crying or calling out to you (when the calling sign flashes), select a care icon and give it the care it needs. If you donft take appropriate action while the sign is flashing, your Tamagotchi could develop the habit of pestering you :-(. The care you give it will affect its future development, and determine its adult character.

    1. The Check Meter This meter can be used to check up on how your Tamagotchi is feeling, and how it is developing.
    - First meter: Hungriness level | second meter: Happiness level
    - Press the B button and you'll see how disciplined your Keitai critter is and how much points he has earned.
    - Press the B button again and you will see how old your Tamagotchi is and how much it weights. This is imported since you don't want it to get overweight.

    2. Food You can give your Tamagotchi Meals and Snacks.
    - The first option is a meal, this will fill hearts on the hungriness meter. It depends on what kind of food you give it how many hearts will be filled. For instance the lobster will fill three whole hearts! Use your A button to switch between meals.
    - The second option is a snack, this will fill hearts on the happiness meter.

    3. Toilet Your Tamagotchi starts trembling when it wants to go to the toilet. Hurry up! When youfre too late it will leave some poo on the floor. You will notice this by a tiny beep it gives you afterwards. Why not let the Gotchi King clean everything up after your little Keitai creature?

    4. Cheer-up games If your Tamagotchi does well and succeeds in a game, its mood improves and it will earn points!
    A Catch the musical notes with your bucket and avoid the poo!
    B Basketball, use your head to get the ball into the basket.
    C Gambling: guess at what place your Tama will end in the running game. It will run against twoo other Tama's so it can end first, second or third. Guessed right? Congratulations, you earn 30 points!

    Basketball hits Points Weight Happiness Musical notes Points Weight Happiness
    00-02 00 -1g - 00-02 00 -1g -
    03-09 10 -3g + 1 03-19 10 -2g + 1
    10-19 50 -3g + 2 20-59 50 -2g + 2
    20-29 70 -3g + 3 60-99 70 -2g + 3
    30 100 -3g + 4 100 100 -2g + 4

    6. Discipline Discipline can be provided in two forms: Scolding and Patting. When your Tama is crying or feels depressed I think you'd better pat it XD. But when it is yelling at you for no reason (when the meters aren't empty yet) it is time for some serious scolding. With the check meter you can see how well your Keitai character is disciplined. The more disciplined, the better the character you can get.

    7. Medical care If the skull icon or the toothache icon appears, your Tamagotchi is sick. You need to provide your Tamagotchi with medical care until the illness icon disappears.

    8. Light At night, turn off the light when your Tamagotchi starts yawning or when it goes to bed. In the morning your Tama will turn the light back on by itself ^_^.

    9. Tamagotchi Notebook The names of friends your Tamagotchi has played with can be stored in a Friends List holding up to 50 entries, and displaying the Closeness Level for each one. And, if your Tamagotchi has received a toy or a dress-up item as a present, this can be stored away as a prized possession. I believe that the second word in the notebook represents items.

    What does gCloseness Levelh mean? When your Tamagotchi plays with the same Tamagotchi friend on multiple occasions, their Closeness Level will go up. Typical sequence of changes in Closeness Level: Acquaintance -> Friend -> Close Friend -> Very Close Friend -> Sweetheart -> True Love (If both Tamagotchis are of the same gender, their Closeness Level can only progress as far as Very Close Friend.)

    Infrared Communications
    A Keitai Tamagotchi can connect to:

  • Tamagotchi Plus
  • Certain cellphones in Japan
  • An orange Deka Tamagotchi displayed in toystores in Japan
  • Other Keitai Tamagotchis
  • It doesn't connect to Tamagotchi Connection or Connexion.
  • Communicating with another Tama raises your Closeness Level for that friendship. If a friendship reaches the True Love level, the couple can make a Love Marriage (as opposed to having an Arranged Marriage), and give birth to the next Tamagotchi generation. When Keitai characters get married they kiss eachother first adn fireworks appears, really cute! When your Tama doesn't get a love marriage Ms. Busybody appears from day 7 with the right partner for you ^_^.

    Exchanging presents When two Tamagotchis become friends, either one can jump across and deliver a present to the other. Depending on what the present is, their Closeness Level will change. There are good presents such as cake and flowers, and bad presents such as ghosts. When you connect a Keitai to a Tamagotchi Plus the character named Nazotchi will appear on the other screen. This character replaces Keitai characters, because they don't exist in the Plus Tamagotchi and the other way around.

    Games with a Tamagotchi Plus: Balloon-Popping Game or Gobbling Contest. Two Tamagotchis can start a game of their own accord. In the Balloon-Popping Game, the first one to pop the balloons wins. In the Gobbling Contest, the first one to eat all the food is the winner. The better your Tamagotchifs general condition, the more likely it is to win the game.

    Games with another Keitai: Walk on a ball and keep your balance. The tama who falls off first looses.
    Trumpet Blowing: Press A, B or C depending on the tune. I'm not sure how this game works yet, since I still have to connect two keitais.
    Tug-of-war: the strongest Tamagotchi will win this game ^_^.

    Other functions
    Press the C button once in a while to give your Tama some extra attention. This option has got three animations hidden!
    Just like in real life, your Tamagotchi Keitai will also celebrate special events. On certain times during a holiday, you will see your Tama doing something special on the screen.

    January 1-3:
    New Year (Shogatsu): This is the most important national holiday in Japan.

    March 3:
    Doll's Festival (hina matsuri): Also called girl's festival. On this day, families with girls wish their daughters a successful and happy life. Dolls are displayed in the house together with peach blossoms.

    May 5:
    Children's Festival (kodomo no hi): Also called boy's festival. Families pray for the health and future success of their sons by hanging up carp streamers and displaying samurai dolls, both symbolizing strength, power and success in life.

    July 7:
    Star Festival (Tanabata): Tanabata, also known as the "star festival", takes place on the 7th day of the 7th month of the year, when, according to a Chinese legend, the two stars Altair and Vega, which are usually separated from each other by the milky way, are able to meet.

    September 17-19:
    Moon Viewing (Tsukimi) Considered to be the most auspicious moon of the year, the "harvest moon" in September is celebrated by families making susuki (pampas grass) arrangements and tsukimi-dango (rice-flour dumplings) while viewing the moon.

    December 20-25:
    Christmas celebration, watch your singing tree and welcome Santaclautchi!