Genjintch TamagotchiGenjintchi, also known as Caveman and Beijing Peking man, is available in one colour: brown with a red trim, yellow buttons, white bones all over the front, and one big bone across the top that says "Genjintch". This version was sold in Japan in movie theaters showing the movie "Peking Man".

The Character
Genjintch Tamagotchi movie What the movie is about:
In 1929 the fossil of a 500,000 year old man is discovered in China. In 1941 the Japanese army confiscates this find, but during the war the remains disappeared. Based on these factual events, this movie takes off with a science fiction story involving a space rocket which places a satellite in orbit containing a secret cargo. The satellite crashes on a remote island and footprints are found in the sand leading away from the crash site. A story of how an ancient primitive cave-dwelling family deal with the scientists who want to study them.

The Game
Genjintch is a bit similair in gameplay to Mothra. In Mothra for the game you have to guess which one of the four holes the moths are in and with Genjintch you'll have to guess where the bone is hidden.
Genjintch Tamagotchi chart
When Genjintch gets sick you'll have to give him plants to heal him. The prehistoric man eats meat and mushrooms, since they had no donuts at that time ;-). He likes to make some pottery and you can praise him when he has created something, this will increase his evolution level.
I've scanned some images from the original package.