Yasashii Tamagotchi The Yasashii Tamagotchi is also known as the easy Tam and you won't find one very often. Therefore they are quit expensive, you might pay up to 250 dollars for one of these huge companions. Not only is the yasashii much larger than the original Tama, but the gameplay is also easier. The characters don't require that much attention. The buttons will lit up, when yasa needs your attention.

Yasashii was released in three colours:
- white with a pink border
- yellow with a white border
- blue, with a yellow border and very nice graphical design.

The Character
Yasashii TamagotchiI got this information from Tamasquare:
One day, after drinking sake that he recieved from Oyajitchi, the Tamagotchi Planet started singing in a loud voice. "We can't have this" said the Tamagotchi and they fled from Tamagotchi Planet. However, because of a breakdown in their UFO, they crashed on the Earth. There, in the river where they fell, is where Professor Hakase Banzo found them. Together with his assistant, Mikachu, they wondered if there was some way for the Tamagotchi to live happily on Yasashii TamagotchiEarth. "That's it! We'll build homes for the Tamagotchi!" So, when the houses for the Tamagotchi had been built, the Tamagotchi went to live with people all over the world and were loved and lived in happiness. Hakase's devotion to Tamagotchi lead him to build this Tamagotchi House, "Yasashii Tamagotchi" which is easier to raise. Please give it lots of love and care.
Yasashii Tamagotchi
The Game
Yasashii Tamagotchi

Because this Tamagotchi is so big, it has got a stand on the back and volume control on the side! The Yasashii evolves about every two till three days and each character has got his own choice of food.
Yasashii Tamagotchi
Please visit Tamasquare, for some nice instructions.