my collection of Virtual pets

When Tamagotchi turned out to be a big succes, many companies started to produce other virtual pets. Even Bandai followed up with some great new pets. A lot of Virtual Pets used the same electronics, for instance from the Nano pets or Gyaoppi. I'm collecting the ones I like best, but somehow I prefer the Japanese pets.
Pictured below you can see my collection in 2005. I don't own many of them anymore, but I thought it might be nice to keep this page up for reference.
Digimon American version | Japanese gen 1 & 2
Dr. Slump | Micalun & Devitan | Wave Ufo
Pocket Love | Metcha Esute | Pocket Hello Kitty (pedometer)

Giga Pets Kitty (like Nano) | Giga Pets Kitty gold | Nano Kitty

Water pets
Hitorikko | Pocket Turtle | Keroppi
Giga Pets
Little Mermaid | Baby T-rex | Floppy Frog
Dragon | Jurassic Park | Ganbare!! Ryuuta-kun
Yuki Penguin | Pocket Penguin | Penpy
Other pets
Dragon Quest clear purple & DNA Fish