Ocean Tamagotchi | Umino Tamagotch The Ocean Tamagotchi was first released in japan in '98 and later that same year in the USA. The full name is Umi de Hakken! Tamagotchi, meaning "Discovered in the Ocean!"
Both versions consist of 4 colours. The Japanese Oceangotchi is available in blue and transparent white, red and purple. In America various colours were released, with sea related designs, like shelves and waves.
The Character
Ocean Tamagotchi | Umino Tamagotch The Tamagotchi Ocean Characters live on Planet Tamagotchi in juice and soda water. The Tamagotchi Ocean is approximately 3,720,00 kilometers deep and its floor is like the planet and has beautiful scenery. It is the mecca or major activity center for all Tamagotchi surfers. Its main export is takuan (pickled daikon beets). In the Tamagotchi Ocean, you can find Bugs Island, Summer Winter Island, and Lazy Island."
The Game
The Ocean tamagotchi has got a touch screen and a new stat, called water quality. Since your Ocean Tam lives in water, it is important to keep the water fresh and clean. There are four skulls, which start out empty. Whenever a pollution skull gets filled, it has to be "flushed" empty using the flush icon. If all four skulls are filled, the entire screen turns black!
Meals: This icon is a little squirming worm. The two food options are meal and snack/candy. The meal is o-den, a Japanese hot-pot kinda thing that has all sorts of goodies (eg. boiled egg, gelatinous konnyaku squares, hanpen triangles) stuck, in this case, on a bamboo skewer. The snack is a huge soft-serve ice cream cone. The Ocean tams do not appear to eat the cone. Oh, and the Ocean Tams will eat candy during a "selfish call", but its happy hearts will not be filled.
Game: The icon is a treasure chest. The game screen shows two treasure chests, with flapping lids. Press button A or B to choose the left or right-hand chest. If it contains treasure, you've won the round. If it's empty, you've lost the round. If it contains an octopus, look out! There are 5 rounds in all, and winning 3 or more will fill one (1) happy heart.
Calling/Discipline The icon is a pair of clapping hands. This gets your OceanTam's attention whenever there's trouble. It is also used to discipline your tam; one appropriately timed scold = two bars of discipline. When rightfully scolded, the guide says that your tam will "make a sound of contrition", but in actuality it just looks mad and snarls. Legitimate reasons for discipline are: Not eating when hungry, not playing when unhappy, refusing medicine and, of course, beeping for no reason. If you accidentally scold your tam, it will look puzzled and hurt, and a "?" mark will appear over its head.
Lights From 6 am to 7 pm, the screen is lit by the natural sunlight of Planet Tamagotchi, so the screen will be lit regardless of whether the light is on or off. At 7 pm, the sun suddenly sinks, so that the screen will be plunged into darkness. But since your tam may still be awake, you may wish to use to Lights On function to keep the screen brightly lit. However, when your tam beeps at you and goes to sleep, you should turn out the lights for it... unless, of course, it's in trouble.
There are two major dangers that await an Ocean Tam: the Ornery Octopus (Ojyama Tako) and the Polar Bear (Shirokuma).
Octopus Attack Sometimes, while playing the treasure box-game, you will find not treasure, ort an empty box, but an octopus (O_o) Look out, because it will squirt ink at you, immediately filling all four pollution skulls and turning the entire screen an inky black! This will empty all the empty all the hapiness hearts of your Ocean tama.
Polar Bear Attack Life in the ocean is tough, so the Ocean Tam will occasionally take a well-deserved nap. Unfortunately, that's when the Polar Bear decides to nip by for a snack! Select the Calling/Discipline icon, and tap your Ocean Tam gently to let it know it's in danger. If you don't succeed in alerting your tam the Polar Bear will rush across the screen, and your Ocean Tam will eventually float back on screen. Be sure to treat its wounds using the medicine icon, and be more careful next time... The Polar Bear usually makes an appearance once every 50 minutes...
Ocean Tamagotchi | Umino Tamagotch Growth Chart
When first hatching your Ocean tam, try leaving it alone without setting the clock. The ocean-egg will not appear, but instead, you will see bubbles, and a sneak preview of some of the ocean characters!
Please have a look at the original advertisement in Bandai's catalogue from 1998.