TAMAOTCH Tamagotchi

Tamaotch | Tamaotchi Tamagotchi Tamaotch only comes in one colour, which is pink with white flowers. This Tama is quite rare, but also very demanding to play with. Tamao has got to do some stage rehearsel every day and she gets happy from receiving fanmail. She can also be a bit stubborn and walk out of the screen or she won't say "Good Morning" to you (which she usually does) .
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The Character
Tamaotch | Tamaotchi TamagotchiTamaotch was modelled after the popular Japanese comedian Tamao Nakamura and was only released in Japan. You probably never heard of her, so here's is the comparison. Because her name already sounded like Tamagotchi, Bandai decided to make one based on her.

The Game & Growth chart
You can choose between three different eggs, where Tamao will hatch from. If you raise her with much love and patience, she will become a big star. But if she receives too little attention she becomes demotivated and stardom is out of reach.
Tamaotch Growth Chart
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