osuchi and mesuchi

Osuchi and Mesuchi are a love couple which you can compare a little bit to the new Tamagotchi Plus/Connection. Only this pair doesn't link with infrared but by putting them together at the top, so they can make little tama's together (^-^;;). They came in many different clours where the Osuchi matched the Mesuchi colour.Osuchi Mesuchi Tamagotchi
- Clear orange and Green
- Pink and Blue with words around the shelf
- Clear black and white
- White and yellow with lots of hearts on the shelf
- White/green and white/orange with hearts and stars
- Special anniversary edition in metallic pink and blue
The Characters
We've got Osuchi (male) and Mesuchi (female), when they are old enough, you can mate them together to get some babies to raise those, when they are old enough they can have babies and so on...
The Game
How do i make babies?:
1. To check mateability, select the mate icon at the bottom row. The one that looks like two interlocking heart pieces. If your tama marches across the screen making a bleep sound, then it's ready to mate!
2. Select the 'mate' icon on both pets, and quickly press the tops of the eggs together firmly. while doing so, press the 'b' button (middle button) on both pets.
3. Pets fall silent. Press the 'b' button. They slide across the screen towards the door, then slide back a few seconds later along with the words 'OK'. Press the 'b' button.
4. Rectangles appear -fireworks- then both tamas should be dancing for joy.
5. Suddenly, the Mesuchi should stop and get a pained look on her face, she make two babychis appear. KEEP HOLDING ON.
6. Once the babychi are done trying to eat each other and one of them goes over to the Osu's side of the screen, and the fun beeping stops, then the eggs are separated.
7. About two or three days later, it will be time for the adults to leave. Around 12 Midnight, the parents should dissapear and leave the babychi with their lights on. Now the process starts all over again!
Osuchi Mesuchi Tamagotchi
I got the information above from Tama Love Pig.