tamagotchi COMICS

Maaike Hartjes

Copyright 2005 Maaike Hartjes

I gave Maaike a Tamagotchi Plus for her Birthday en she made a comic about it ^_^
Sigmund from Peter de Wit

What? What kind of people would do something like that?
They go away for a weekend and than just ty the poor Tamagotchi to a tree!
German Comic

April '98

In Germany, Hamburg, they've opened the first graveyard for Tamagotchi's. People can bury their deceased computerchicken in a little jar. By now 4 people have used this service. The undertaker asks 30 mark (18 dollars) for the most simple ceremony. With a buffet, a speech and a orchestra playing Japanese songs it can cost you up to 4000 dollars. "My Tamagotchi died every day lately, I think a wire let loose" says a new widow in a radio interview. She decided to give her virtual partner the eternal live.