Mothra Tamagotchi

Mothra Tamagotchi Just like the Genjinch, the Mothra Tamagotchi was issued during the release of a movie: Mothra 2. There are 3 colours available, although the tamagotchi on the left is the most common. The Mothra with green stripes is a bit rarer and the transparent blue one is very rare. I have only seen it for sale a couple of times.
The Character
Mothra Tamagotchi Mothra appeared first in a movie called "Godzilla vs. Mothra" from 1964. The film opens during a big storm that washes an even bigger egg on shore in Japan. Two fisherman find it and decide to sell it to a big company, who displays the egg. Soon two miniature fairy women (who represent the "powers of goodness and light") come and try to get the egg back to their place, called Infant Island. When Godzilla attacks the egg, the giant mother mothra comes out to defend her offspring.
The Game & Growth Chart
Like the regular Tama the egg will begin to hatch in about five minutes after you set the timer, but the fairy women sing and dance around it. For an hour the larve will need constant attention and feeding. She likes to eat supper, from which she will gain one ton (uhu, she's a big eater ;-) and sweets, which make Mothra gain two tons.

The game you play with Mothra has four holes, you'll have to guess where she's hiding. Sometimes, when she is young and undisciplined, Mothra will attack and eat the Tokyo Tower. You don't want her to do that (O_o) "bad girl!" so she must be disciplined. If Mothra is not disciplined, she will grow to be ugly and ill-mannered.
When Mothra gets sick, you must call her fairies to sing to her and make her well. If your mothra dies from old age, it will lay an egg before it dies, if it dies from illness, it will not lay an egg. To hatch a secret character from this egg, care for it extremely well.
Mothra Tamagotchi
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