Digimon Tamagotchi Digimon is the unique digital monster from cyberspace. Accessed from the Megalithic Mainframe. Digimon comes to you to be hatched, raised and trained for the ultimate monster match. With the exclusive Dock 'n Rock action you link up your Digimon with your friend's Digimon - only one will win! Who will reign victoriuos? It depends on how well you raised and trained your Digimon. Feed him well, train him thouroughly. For when the time comes for DigiMon to return to the Megalithic Mainframe, his ultimate honour is to be the strongest! The Digimon Tama appeared in many colours, from clear white till purple with a pink border.
The Character
Digimon TamagotchiThe original Digimon was a virtual pet created for boys by Bandai of Japan in June of 1997. The Digimon virtual pet needed to be cared for like a real pet, and could battle with another kidsf Digimon by linking the two units together. Records of wins and losses were stored and kids enjoyed proving that they could raise a better Digimon pet than their neighbor. Over time and with proper care, the Digimon pet could grow up and evolve into other, more powerful Digimon. After the succes of this Tamagotchi, Digimon got it's own animated TV series.
The Game
Train your Digimon well so you can win during Matches. You can train by shadowsparring with himself! If your Digimons wins 3 out of 5 Training games, he becomes stronger and one heart will be filled. When your Digimon has reached the Rookie Stage you can battle with friends. Connect the two Digimon's and select the moster match icon (top right). Press Butoons "A" or "B" on either Digimon and the monster match begins automatically.

Digimon Tamagotchi

Growth Chart
I had a red Digmon back in 99, which i bought for only 1 dollar (for sale, imagine that!). The most fun was fighting with another pet, which was a very quick procedure. After that your pet would gain status, or be a total loser ;-). The pet wasn't very demanding, because it was aimed on boys (yes, it is true!). I recently discovered that Numemon's secret weapon is.. pooh!
Digimon Tamagotchi
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