tamagotchi ENTAMA

About the Entama
 Keitai Tamagotchi Kaitsu In September 05 Bandai has already sold over 4.000.000 Tamagotchis worldwide (O_o). Because of this new success they probably thought of releasing a new Tamagotchi in November 2005, called Entama - Enjoy Life. Now some elements of real life (like going to school and working) have been added and you can connect your Entama to a website! I believe that your Entama can get one of 20 professions, such as policeman, artist, teacher and doctor. Also each day you'll receive some letters on your tama (in japanese) about the news or your career. There are many characters hidden in the entama, really the most characters so far ^_^.
Some Colours

Some colours are a bit rare, like the christmas edition and the gorgeous JAL (Air company) tamagotchis.

 Keitai Tamagotchi Kaitsu

Each month Bandai releases new colours, you can find them on their website.
 Keitai Tamagotchi Kaitsu

These are just a few of the characters, please click on the characters link at the top menu for lots of more critters!