tamagotchi ENTAMA

Each job has three levels: you start a job at level one (one star) and to increase stars you have to increase your guts points. When you first start to work, you'll earn 1000 Gotchi points. When your guts points at your work have increased by 101+ points, you'll be at level two and earn 3000 Gotchi points. When you increase your guts points again with 401+ points, you'll reach the third stage and therefore 5000 Gotchi points :)
Many thanks to P-Low, The skillful Abbot, for his translations!

Kashikosa: [Wisdom]
Tamagotchi Laboratory [200+]
ITEM: Magnifying Glass

* Assistant
** Professor
*** Genius Professor

Gotchi T.V. [200+]
ITEM: Announcer's Desk
* Trainee Announcer
** Popular Announcer
*** Super Announcer

Tamagotchi School Teacher [50+]
ITEM: Chalkboard
* apprentice
** Popular teacher
*** Charisma teacher

Tamagotchi Hospital [0+]
ITEM: Sz'< - gakutaikyou:

* Trainee
** Popular Doctor
*** Head Doctor

Gotchi Bank [0+]
ITEM: Neck Tie
* Trainee
** Popular Banker
*** Charisma Banker
Oshare [fashion-conscious]
+ Geinou [Talent/Idol] Production [200+]
ITEM: Microphone

* Novice Idol
** Popular Idol
*** Super Idol

Fukuyasan [Designer] [200+]
ITEM: Torso/mannequin
* Novice Designer
** Popular Designer
*** Charisma Designer

Cake Shop [Bakery] [50+]
ITEM: Mixer

* Apprentice Baker
** Popular Baker
*** Charisma Baker

Beauty Salon [0+]
ITEM: Scissors
* Apprentice beautician
** Popular beautician
*** Charisma beautician

HanayaSan [horticulturist] [0+]
ITEM: Watering Pitcher

* Small Flower Shop
** Popular Flower Shop
*** Charisma Flower Shop
Yashisa [Kindness]
Patchi Onsen [hotspring] [200+]
ITEM: Oyumazehou: Stick for stirring bath water
* Temperature Regulator (oyumazegakari - mix bath water with cold until the right temperature guy.)
** Temperature checker (yukagengakari)
*** Charisma banto san (public bath receptionist.)

Tamagotchi Yochien Teacher [Preschool] [200+]
ITEM: Apron

* Novice
** Popular
*** Charisma

Tamagotchi Police Box [50+]
ITEM: Police Cap
* Novice Police Officer
** Popular Police Officer
*** Charisma Police Officer

Gotchi Transportation [50+]
ITEM: Whistle
* Novice Station Attendant
** Popular Station Attendant
*** Charisma Station Attendant

Tamagotchi Restaurant [0+]
ITEM: Chef's Hat

* Novice Cook
** Popular Cook
*** Charisma Cook