tamagotchi ENTAMA

At the tama market on the website you can buy several tickets. So far i saw three, but there are also some hidden in presents (no idea how to get a hold of those yet).

The memetchi ticket was sold out when I entered the market (;;^_^)
How to enter a ticket?
When you bought your ticket you have to select the connection icon on your entama. Now choose the pc link and than click on the second link. All your tickets will be shown ^_^ Just choose the one you'd like to use and your tama will give you a code which you can enter at the website.

Kuchipatchi town
Well, I just called it like this since the Kuchipatchi takes you here:

At the camera spot you can take a picture, which leads you to this site: link.channel.or.jp/tamago/travel.php I believe that you can keep a Tamagotchi journal and pictures over there.

The only other area you can visit is the store, which looks like this:

(I decided to buy the green-fluffy-thing because it looked so cute ^_^)
Memetchi tow

It's the same as with the Kuchipatchi town, you can only take a picture or go to the shop.

Mametchi Town