Devilgotchi Devilgotchi is a mischievous little guy who comes in four different designs: white-purple-black, white-black, pink-yellow and black-purple. This is a rare Japanese Gotchi, which will sell for at least $100,-

This Devil Tamagotchi is not extremely rare, you can find them on eBay once in a while, I've got the black fellow ^_^. It has got a touch screen, just like the Tamagotchi Angel. But it won't jump over stars, no way, Devilgotchi will just eat them *yum*.
The Character
DevilgotchiWhen Deviltchi has got a lot of devil power, he's more likely to play tricks on you. At that moment the screen will go black and Deviltchi appears in white. Some of the bad things a Deviltchi will do: won't let you see the check meter screens, throw pie back when you try to feed it, pretend to eat chocolate, pretend to fall asleep while playing the game, won't let you clean off the screen (use the toilet icon).
The Game
Feed your Deviltchi pie or chocolate to make it happy, hmm how human like ;-). In the game you play with him you have to let him catch up to 5 stars. When your Devil likes you enough he will even shake hands with you (^__^).

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